Gr8 Chaoskaravaan against G8

Prbandieraeliminary note: Mainly anarchist and other radicals groups have organised a total of six bicycle-caravans against this years G8 summit in the german seaside resort of Heiligendamm – the eastern europe caravan (ShakeG8-Bikeride), the western europe caravan (Gr8chaoskaravaan), one Scandinavian caravan and three caravans from various german cities (Berlin, Dresden, Kassel). While the scandinavian caravan left from Stockholm today and the eastern europe caravan ist now in Poland after having left from Budapest two weeks ago and carried out various actions in hungary and the czech republic, activists from the western europe caravan are currently making final preparations for their ride. Below is a press release of the group – contact and info adresses are at the foot of the mail.

With the slogan “wheels for change- ensure capitalism becomes history”
one of the five bike caravans is starting towards Rostock to participate
in the protests against the G8 summit (June 6th-8th in Heiligendamm).

As a prelude there will cruise a ‘critical mass’ through the city of
Gent on April 27th.
At the moment the preparations for the West-Tour, from Gent (Belgium),
via the Netherlands and nothern Germany, are in progress.

“We count on starting with around 20 people, but we expect that much
more people will join!” Sida Singer said “Together we want to set a
signal against neoliberalism, exploitation, racism, pollution and
everybody who shares our ideas is welcome. We want to raise awareness
among the people and let them dream about a livable future for every
human in this world, and this is worth fighting for.” Proudly she shows
her banner, “futureworkshop” is written on it.

We do this not only to catch attention, but also to get in touch with
the people on the street and to discuss with them.
During their tour of around 1300 kilometers the activists coming from
different countries will take part in bicycle demonstrations “critical
masses”, theatres and other political actions.
On the route through cities like Antwerpen, Nijmegen, Gronau/Ahaus,
Muenster, Hamburg and Gorleben they will deal with subjects related to
the meeting of the G8. These are for instace the racist
migrationpolitics of fortress europe, genetic manipulation and
exploitation of the earth, and the involvement of the G8 in wars all
over the world, for instance in Afghanistan or Iraq.

The events and actions are prepared by supporters hosting the caravan at
different stations.“We want to use our time together for exchange and to
build networks with various local groups from different backgrounds”
Paula Farin explains.
The cyclists do not want to take part in the whole neoliberal circus and
the division of people along racist and economic criteria. They consider
the caravan as a place for experiments where they can realize their
ideas and ideals (even if only temporarily). The aim is to create a
non-hierarchical structure during the ride, allowing people to learn and
act in a self-organised manner. The caravan wants to make it possible
for all people to participate, regardless of money, bicycle, physical
condition or papers.

The five caravans will meet on the military testing ground called
“Bombodrom” near Wittstock in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern on the first of
June and participate in the actions there. Further they will join the
protests around Heiligendamm.

More information about the route , actions and how to support you can
find at the website:

The west-karavaan still need a van with driver (for food, stuff, broken
wheels and legs) from Utrecht to Osnabrueck.


Preperation people from the gr8chaoskaravaan


For detailed information please contact the bike caravans directly
East caravan: + 420721010670
West caravan:,
Scandinavian caravan:
bycicle caravan Info-office Rostock, Knut Rasmussenstr 8, 1806 Rostock,
Tel. 0049-179-6268785

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